is Not a Scam

Have you heard some people argue that some of the oldest casinos are backward and not up to date? This is wrong. It is listed on as one of the top casinos. Why should someone label it as a scam? Well, it could be due to the name of the website as few such websites are non existent. Does this mean that it lacks downsides? Absolutely no.

What are some of the good stuff?

We have not labelled as a perfect online gambling platform. Nonetheless, this should not shun some of its apparent key advantages. When you play on the website, you are assured of getting a competitive match of your wager amount. For example, for slots, you get a 100% match which is such a high bonus compared to what others offer. This offer is valid for all sorts of slots.

But why is this so that every game has its particular matching of the wagering amount? Well, this should be the least of the player's worries, especially given the competitiveness of the offered bonuses. So this means that one has to participate in particular games to warrant good bonuses? Absolutely yes. Wondering what games have the lowest matching? Worry not as they are listed below:

  • Blackjack Switch- 5% match
  • Lucky Wheel- 5% match
  • Fortunate Five- 0% match
  • Gold Rally- 0% match

Do they have progressive offers?

If your worry is on finding progressive offers on this website, you should calm your nerves as they've got you sorted. You do not want to play on a stagnant bonus and that is okay because most people do not find it thrilling either. So what's the remedy? has just provided what you need on this front. The company's jackpot is attractive and progressive if that's your prime concern.

But how progressive is this jackpot? What are the rates of increment? These are some of the questions that you are asking probably yourself. Well, the jackpot now stands at approximately $9 million. This figure has been on a rise and therefore there is high chance of playing for a bigger amount on the website. Is that all? Not at all. There are many other lucrative and progressive offers.

Is the site regulated?

Do not accept to play casino games on an unregulated site. Why this disclaimer? Because that is a key precursor to losing all your money on the website and you have no channel of reclaiming it. So is regulated? Yes it is. The company has a license from the UK Gambling Commission. Also, the Gibraltar Gaming Commission regulates this online casino. This isn't the case for most other sites.

Are there playing restrictions?

Given all its hype and popular website name, you would be forgiven for thinking that the offered games are available to people in all parts of the world. Nonetheless, the UK licensing body has blocked some countries from its list of the allowed states. But why is this so? It is because UK licensed online casino have a range of countries that are viable. Some of those restricted include:

  • China
  • Israel
  • Germany
  • Spain
  • United States

What are the deposit and withdrawal terms?

Depositing to the website is a straightforward undertaking. A variety of payment options are available including Visa, Neteller, and Skrill. Depositing is also free of charge and the minimum amount is £10. What about the withdrawal? Withdrawal is also quite straightforward. Nonetheless, there are no instant withdrawals and it will take about 3 days to get the funds and this makes it a disadvantage.

Am I secure while on the site?

Your security is undoubtedly assured when visiting this site and there is no risk of your personal data being leaked to other parties. also takes safe gaming practices very seriously and always discourages excessive gambling and underage betting practices. This is aimed at making sure that in addition to your data being secure, you do not become an addict of the practice. Here, you also get full customer support.